My Next Project - 1098 2v 1100 Supersport

I really like the air-cooled 2 valve per cylinder Ducati V-Twin. It has a lot of the qualities I like in a motor, accessible lazy torque, easy serviceability, reliability and a great sound. Not having too much power, also means you don't have to be going like a bat out of hell to enjoy it.

I've long harboured a wish that Ducati would ressurrect the Supersport for the noughties, (and the over 40's) But alas it seems that Ducati will soon abandon the air-cooled motor for good; a victim of every tightening emission and noise regulations. Booooooo!

Clearly I'm going to have to build my own.

The plan is: 
Ducati 1098S chassis, Ducati Monster 1100 Motor, Radical Ducati Carbon tank & tail,  A carbon Fairing (Type TBC). How hard can it be, right? 

Ducati 1098s Chassis

Ducati Monster 1100 Motor

Radical Ducati Tank and Tail
Will look something like this...
I've already bought another set of projector beam headlights for it! Muzza commented "Most people start with a bike, you start with some headlights and say Lets build a bike around these!"

In future posts, (once I've finished my custom 944 Supersport of course) I'll outline some of the challenges and solutions in putting a Supersport Motor into a Superbike frame.  

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