My Last (Planned) Project

'Harley' Old Skool Bobber

Given that I'm slowing down a bit (literally not metaphorically), sooner or later (later) I'd like to do something different. Old Harleys are cool in the way that new ones pretend to be. Old Bobbers are even cooler. But, like a lot of of old things they are not as reliable, not as safe, and (sometimes) not as fun.

The solution then is to create a bike that looks old but goes, stops and handles like a new one.  Taking that into account my Bobber needs to have certain key ingredients:

1) A powerful motor. I'm not a Harley guy, I find the brand contrived, but the 60* long stroke Air cooled V-Twin, with its' lazy delivery is the only motor worth considering for this project. S&S get my vote (they even make updated reproduction motors), ditto Baker for the transmission.
2) A Softail frame. I don't live in a land of billiard table smooth roads, quite the opposite in fact. So a Hardtail, as much as it wins on looks, won't cut it in real world practicality terms.
3) A Springer front end. Odd front ends float my boat, for some reason (maybe it's John Britten's influence on me)  So its gotta be a Springer.
4) A single (sprung) seat. Says bad-ass loner mofo...
5) Decent brakes. A lot of the cruiser disc/caliper combos look unattractive and weedy. Wilwoods look cool and (somewhat more) powerful.
6) A Kickstarter.
7) A Sparto style tail light.
8) High profile tyres on black (spoked) rims
9) Double Barrel twice-sidepipes

Here are my inspirations... (click to view larger) Enjoy.

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