Sunday, December 30, 2012

7) Finally I'm "over it"

Like I said, some of my mates had all got sick of me and my ever present tool kit, doing roadside fixes, but my biggest bugbear by far was the electrics.Fast forward to 2010 and as it would turn out, the last time I would go out on this bike for  nearly 3 years! (I'd planned a spin with my best mate, a Triumph 675 Daytona riding lawyer with no mechanical aptitude) Of course, at the first gas station we came to, the starter solenoid went pop. He was very unamused; another ride ruined by my unreliable Ducati. "Dont worry, I said, I can fix this" and started walking the bike away. "Where are you going??" I pulled out my screwdriver, whipped the tail off, pulled out my wallet, stuck the screwdriver in it and held it across the solenoid terminals until the bike started. Was almost worth it for the look on his face as the sparks flew and, for all intents and purposes, I electrocuted myself. 
Answer: A safe distance from the pumps.

Alas I had finally lost all trust, and relegated myself to riding my other bikes. I went through a phase where I bought and sold a few different machines, just because I had the spare funds, and as long as I mad money on each deal, it was good experience. To check what I was riding, have a look here:  Other Bikes I've Owned

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