Saturday, December 29, 2012

1) So I've bought this cool old Ducati.

Project Superdue 

Once a humble Weber carbed 1989 Ducati 900SS this Ducati Supersport has accidentally become a one-off, almost 'money no object', woodsmans-axe style obsession in a quest to attain custom motorcycle Nirvana.

This was what it looked like in 1989
The story goes... its' previous owner, an architect from up north, originally swapped an old FZR1000 for a untidy ‘89 Ducati 900SS which was badly in need of some TLC. After 11 years in the UK he brought back a suitcase full of Ducati parts, including a modified carbon fibre Ducati Supermono fairing and a QB Carbon 955 Corsa single seat unit.

How or when a Kawasaki ZXR400 front end came to be grafted to the bike was never quite clear, (was it once a race bike?) but a later 900SS tank, VeeTwo 944cc piston kit, some 39mm racked Keihin FCR carbs and a spaghetti exhaust system were fitted and voila!: a cooler, faster than normal 900SS Special was born.

And like this when I bought it...
When I bought the bike in 2006, attracted by the cool bodywork, an impressive specification and the glint of carbon fibre, it was once more in need of attention. A trip to the National Ducati Rally revealed brakes and a battery that boiled, dodgy electrics and pieces falling off left right and centre.

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